Bpsc current affairs quiz no. 3

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Bpsc prelims is to be held very soon. Many aspirants are seeking current affairs material in English language. We will provide you current affairs quiz for 68th bpsc prelims 2023 from Jan 2022- Jan 2023 in the form quiz. So that You can test your preparation when you have a little time or travel, just go through the quiz one by one.

Bihar government-run program “No child is Left Behind, mother is not left” is working for the upliftment of which of the following

a) Divyang

b) Dalit and Minority

c) Older

d) Female

Ans- B

Asia’s largest ethanol plant is being built in which district of Bihar

a) Patna

b) muzaffarpur

c) Gaya

d) Bhojpur

Ans- D

On January 6th 2022, in Patna Bihar’s famous personality Dr. SC Mishra passed away. To which field was he related

a) Environmental  activist

b) Social Service

c) Medicine

d) Industry

Ans- C

Who is the new Chief Secretary of Bihar?

a) Amir Subhani

b) Atul Prasad

c) Tripurari Sharan

d) Amit Mishra

Ans- A

Who has been selected for Sahitya Academy Award 2021?

a) Amit Mishra

b) Anmol Jha

c) Shivani Garg

d) A & B both

Ans- D

All government high school (9th & 10th) students of Bihar will publish the newspaper named “________”

a) Kesari

b) Deewar

c) Navbihar

d) Pokhar

Ans- B

Union education and school development minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched a 100-day education campaign named “_______”

a) Badhe Bharat

b) Vande Bharat

c) Padhe bharat

d) Sakshar Bharat

Ans- C

What are the emergency number for police ambulance and fire brigade that will start soon in Bihar?

a) 112

b) 104

c) 1090

d) 1111

Ans- A

Which district got the first place in the best district east zone category of National Water Awards 2020?

a) East Champaran

b) Bhagalpur

c) Patna

d) Kishanganj

Ans- A

“India skills” 2021 held in Delhi Bihar got total of __ medals including __ gold, __ silver and __bronze

a) 11,4,2,5

b) 11,4,5,2

c) 11,5,4,2

d) 11,5,2,4

Ans- A) 4gold, 2 silver, 5 bronze

The first transgender startup_____ in Bihar has been included in the startup Bihar program

a) Nachbaja.com

b) bandbaja.com

c) shadirachao.com

d) vivaah.com

Ans- A

Under the government’s Horticulture Mission a modern floral culture center will be built in ____

a) Nalanda

b) Mithila

c) Bhojpur


Ans- A) Bhaganbigaha, Nalanda

Who has been selected for world economic Forum award?

a) Amit Mishra

b) Anuj Degi

c) Anmol Vishwakarma

d) Sanjay Pradhan

Ans- D

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