68th bpsc prelims current affairs 2023 Quiz

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Bpsc prelims is to be held very soon. Many aspirants are seeking current affairs material in English language. We will provide you current affairs quiz for 68th bpsc prelims 2023 from Jan 2022- Jan 2023 in the form quiz. So that You can test your preparation when you have a little time or travel, just go through the quiz one by one.

Who got the National Education Award- 2022

a) Sourav Suman

b) Nishi Kumari

c) a & b both

d) none of above

Ans- C

Under Bihar Dry Horticulture scheme, Govt. will give subsidy for fruit cultivation

a) 50 thousand per hectare or 80 percent of the cost

b) 30 thousand per hectare or 50 percent of the cost

c) 70 thousand per hectare or 40 percent of the cost

d) 60 thousand per hectare or 20 percent of the cost

Ans- B

Which Bihar Ranji Trophy debut cricketer hit triple century against Mizoram

a) Saqibul Ghani

b) Ashutosh Aman

c) Babul Kumar

d) Anuj Raj

Ans- A

Which district got first position in implemention of Ayushman Bharat Scheme

a) Kishanganj


c) Rohtas

d) Buxar

Ans- C

Who presented the budget on 28 february, 2022

a) Anita Devi

b) Ashok Kumar

c) Surendra kumar yadav

d) Tarkishor prasad

Ans- D

How much capacity solar power plant is being set up in Darbhanga under Niche Machchhli Upar Bijli

a) 2 MV

b) 3.2 MV

c) 1.6 MV

d) 1.2 MV

Ans- C

Under Sulabh Samparkata programme, a budgetary provision of Rs.___ cr. has been made in budget 2022-23

a) 450 cr

b) 270 cr

c) 435 cr

d)700 cr

Ans- 450 cr.

How many small hydropower projects are running in Bihar

a) 20

b) 17

c) 13

d) 18

Ans- 13

Nodal agency (BREDA) for setting up solar plants in Bihar

a) Bihar renew energy development authority

b) Bihar renewable energy develop association

c) Bureau of renewable energy in developing area

d) Bihar renewable energy agency

Ans- d)

IAS officer has been awarded with Skoch award for digitizing the whole process of Bihar land survey

a) Jai Singh

b) Md. Sohail

c) B. Rajender

d) Rachna Patil

Ans- A

In which district, a tallest statue (111ft.) of lord Shiva will be installed

a) Buxar

b) Kushinagar

c) Patna

d) Sasaram

Ans- D

Prime Minister National child Award 2022for Bravery

a) Nitin Sharma

b) Dileep Kulshresta

c) Dheeraj Kumar

d) Praveen Kumar

Ans- C

Prime Minister National child Award 2022 for social service

a) Sakshi Pal

b) Nishi Giri

c) Pooja Vishnoi

d)Garima Verma

Ans- A

In 37th State Shooting Championship who won gold medal in 10 mt. air pistol

a) Khushi Kumari

b) Shashi Pandey

c) Vibha Mishra

d) Neha pal

Ans- B

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