68th bpsc prelims current affair quiz no. 2

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Bpsc prelims is to be held very soon. Many aspirants are seeking current affairs material in English language. We will provide you current affairs quiz for 68th bpsc prelims 2023 from Jan 2022- Jan 2023 in the form quiz. So that You can test your preparation when you have a little time or travel, just go through the quiz one by one.

Which Bihar government Scheme has not been adopted by the central government

a) Har Ghar Jal Ka Nal Scheme

b) Har Ghar Bijli Scheme

c) Jeevika Mission

d) Abhyoday Scheme

Ans- D (Special Corridor For Organic Farming scheme also adopted by the Central govt. including above three)

Bihar Cricket player for the first time included in IPL auction, Which option is wrong.

a) Pratyush singh & Anuj Raj

b) Abhijeet Saket & Vipul Krishna

c) Lakhan Raja & Anunay Narayan Singh

d) Anand Vishnoi & Sumit Khanna

Ans- D

Which city got the status of Bihar first garbage free City

a) Gaya

b) Supaul

c) Kushi Nagar

d) Patna

Ans- B

Most polluted city in Bihar (AQI- above 400)

a) Bihar Sharif


c) Rohtas

d) Buxar

Ans- A

First Para Swimmer from Bihar has been awarded with “Best Sports Person”

a) Shams Alam

b) Surendra Mohit

c) Jumman Ali

d) Tushar yadav

Ans- A

” Didi Ki Rasoi” scheme has been operated in ___ cities of Bihar under NRLM.

a) 23

b) 32

c) 35

d) 11

Ans- C

Ayurveda Festival has been organized in

a) Nalanda

b) Hajipur

c) Aara


Ans- A

Education Department of Bihar has been launched an app for the students

a) Zeal

b) Apex

c) Paramount

d) Philo

Ans- D

Bird festival has been organized by state government in

a) Kadwa Diara of Bhagalpur

b) Nagi Nakti in Jamui

c) Nagi Dam in Jhajha

d) None

Ans- A

Country’s largest jute and natural fiber Park will be constructed in

a) Purnia

b) Bhagalpur

c) Patna

d) Kishanganj

Ans- A

Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey inaugurated the world-class genomic laboratory at

a) Buxar

b) Kushinagar

c) Patna

d) Muzaffarpur (Homi Bhabha cancer hospital)

Ans- D

Chief minister Nitish Kumar announced to set up ___MW solar power plants in Germany and Banka

a) 100

b) 200

c) 150

d) 110

Ans- A

Which city of Bihar has released its logo which is decorated with madhubani painting, mithilakshar and hymn sentence

a) Madhubani

b) Mithila

c) Bhojpur


Ans- A

Recently, AIA Japan International level award has been received forthe best architecture of Bihar Museum located in which city

a) Patna

b) Darbhanga

c) Hajipur

d) Bhagalpur

Ans- A

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